Certified Interpreting | ASL/ENGLISH INTERPRETING
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We are here for all your interpreting needs.

Our primary activity is the delivery of interpreting services statewide. The most common type of interpreting is between English and ASL (American Sign Language). Such interpreting creates an accessible environment in which Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing individuals can communicate with each other.

We provide interpreting services in a variety of settings, including:


Access to healthcare is crucial to all of us. The relationship between healthcare provider and patient is dependent on clear and effective communication. Interpreters who have had specialized training and experience in the healthcare field are the most effective. Certified Interpreting hires and works with the most competent healthcare interpreters in Maine.


Whether in K-12 or post-secondary settings, interpreters trained and experienced in the field of education interpreting can make the classroom a welcoming place for Deaf students. Certified Interpreting has a long history of providing the most qualified interpreters for each classroom setting, including those with the Ed:K-12 certification.


The work of certified legal interpreters makes the legal system accessible to Deaf persons: whether in the courtroom, administrative hearing, or attorney’s office.  The state of Maine requires that interpreters in the legal setting have the legal certification SC:L. Certified Interpreting only hires SC:L interpreters for such settings, including two interpreters on our staff holding an SC:L.


Meetings are integral to the sharing of ideas, reaching decisions, and bringing people together. While language and culture can separate us, qualified interpreters can bridge such communication gaps. Certified Interpreting provides such interpreters, enabling staff, colleagues, clients, and others to access and effectively participate at your meeting or event.

Other types of interpreting include:

DeafBlind Interpreting: Using a variety of acceptable communication methods to interpret with people who are Deaf and Blind. See National Center on Deaf-Blindness for further information.
Signed English Transliterating: Using a signed representation of the English language to transliterate from spoken English.
Oral Interpreting: Using an enhanced oral representation of the English language to transliterate from English.

Additional settings:
  • Government agency events
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Specialized and in-service training
  • New hire and on-the-job training
  • Mental Health counseling and therapy
  • Performing arts
  • Recreational, sporting, and special events
Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have.