Certified Interpreting | Customer Policy
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Customer Policy

We welcome the opportunity to provide interpreting services to your organization. You may request interpreting services via our online request form. Please include all of the requested information. We will begin work on filling your request right away. Below are some general guidelines that we follow in arranging for interpreting services. This is a condensed version of our general guidelines and procedures for interpreting services. Please contact us for our complete guidelines and procedures.



Interpreters shall be selected based on their qualifications for interpreting a particular assignment. Only interpreters complying with current Maine licensure laws are hired. Additionally, most of these interpreters are also certified by the RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf). We occasionally contract with RID-certified interpreters from outside of Maine who comply with applicable state regulations.



Interpreting can be mentally and physically taxing. Thus, assignments requiring more than one hour of continuous interpreting may necessitate a team of 2 or more interpreters. Other situations requiring an interpreting team include platform interpreting, settings with significant audience participation, or concurrent workshop sessions where multiple teams may be needed.


A Deaf/Hearing interpreting team would be necessary for assignments that involve Deaf individuals who have atypical language. The assignment scheduler will consider each request and discuss the type of services needed at the time the request is made.



Interpreters are visiting professionals who will go wherever services are needed. Thus, their travel time is billable. Round-trip travel time (portal to portal) shall be billed at the same rate as contact time.


Assignments that total less than two hours, including the site and travel time of the interpreter, will be billed at a 2-hour minimum.


At the time of your request we will discuss travel times and estimated costs for your requested assignment.


Thus, at the time of your request we will discuss travel times, and estimated costs for your requested assignment.



Unfortunately, there are times when a requested assignment needs to be cancelled. This has a profound impact on interpreters who have exclusively reserved time for the assignment. Thus, cancellations with short notice would be billable to varying extents.


All cancellations for appointments within 2 business days should be made immediately by phone at 207-798-7995. Cancellations for assignments beyond 2 business days may be made by phone or via email at services@cimaine.com.


In general, customers informing us of cancellations with sufficient notice shall not be assessed a fee for contracted services, unless this had been stipulated at the time services were confirmed. All short-notice cancellations, however, shall be subject to a charge. Here is a general guideline as to what is considered sufficient cancellation notice:

  • For single appointments lasting less than 3 hours: Minimum of 2 business days
  • For single appointments lasting more than 3 hours: Minimum of 5 business days
  • For long-term, ongoing, or multiple-day assignments: Contact us

This cancellation charge may be assessed regardless of the reason for the cancellation, including illness and inclement weather.


The cancellation fee shall be based on the number of contact hours contracted and will include any travel time that was actually incurred. If services were contracted for less than two hours and no time was expended in travel, a two-hour minimum will be charged for each interpreter that was scheduled for the assignment.


For further information on our cancellation policy, please contact us at services@cimaine.com or 207-798-7995.



When a request for interpreting services is confirmed with the customer, it is considered a formal agreement or contract. This contract may be verbal, as in the case of a telephone confirmation, or written, as in the case of a web, email, fax, or other written confirmation.


New customers will be asked to review our complete guidelines and procedures and accept the terms of our policy before interpreting arrangements are confirmed. Requests for third party payment must be acknowledged by the responsible agency before such requests can be processed.


All purchase orders or other payment authorizations, if required by the customer, must be supplied to Certified Interpreting prior to the confirmation of interpreting services.



All rates are calculated per interpreter for both site and round-trip travel time. Total hours will be calculated to the nearest .25 hour. When the total for both contact and travel time is less than two hours, a two-hour minimum shall be applied, with the exception of back-to-back assignments involving the same interpreter(s).
Our current rates will vary depending on a number of factors. These would include:

  • The type of assignment: Legal, Medical, Classroom
  • The certification and/or qualifications of the interpreter
  • The time when services are needed (business hours, weekends, evenings)
  • Whether a local interpreter was available, or if there was a need to contract with an interpreter from out-of-state
  • When the request was made (i.e., with short notice).
  • Volume of interpreting services resulting in a discounted rate.
Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have.