Certified Interpreting | Video Translation
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Video Translation

We are here for all your interpreting needs.

Written English is based on what is spoken and heard in English.  A person, deaf from birth, may struggle with reading a language which they’ve never heard spoken, such as English.  Thus, a Deaf person can become fluent in a visual language such as ASL (American Sign Language), but have difficulty reading an auditory language such as English.


Many organizations see the need to make their English documents and information accessible to Deaf persons. This may include an application, a form, instructions, legal documents, or healthcare information. Such documents need to be translated into ASL so that many Deaf persons can access and understand them.  This would be done by means of video so that Deaf persons can watch and understand the information in their visual language, ASL.


We would be happy to assist you in translating and producing translated videos of selected documents, which could be retained for use with Deaf persons you encounter.

Click on the screen to see a video translation of the above text.

Please contact us for further information and an estimate of costs.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have.